9 Mar 2007

Welcome to the blog

And let me introduce myself.
I'm Kiki. As the blog title states, I am, to all accounts, just another big kid, lost in this sea of bland conformity, etc etc etc *insert emo ranting*
Whoops, shouldn't get side-tracked like that!

So, I'm studying games design ATM, hoping to land a probably-not-very cushy job at some point in the next few years. However, I know that I have a lot to learn about design -- there are still too many games, great games, that I haven't touched (due to lack of money, usually). And of course, there are lots more flawed games which I haven't had the priviledge to play & examine yet, either.
And apart from testing both the high and low points of designs, I have lots more academia to ingest, and industry news to write about.

... hmm, that seemed like a rather long introduction to a humble blog! Hopefully though, my writing will improve over the next few years, becoming both longer, more digestible, and -- importantly -- more interesting!

And that's all for the first post. I'll have to start working on making this blog more readable; and maybe, find out about getting a proper .com address...

Until next time!


Paddy_in_Dundalk said...

You're not kiki!

Matt said...

Awesome blog dude!