26 Aug 2009

What The Fuck Am I Even Doing??

Stick modding FAIL.
Top 16 FAIL.
Social life/girlfriend FAIL.
Hobbies FAIL.
Simple-as-hell blog updating FAIL.

4 Aug 2009

New stock-stick mods incoming

BLAH I fail at updating BLAH

16 Jun 2009

Hatsune Miku stick

Got the Vocaloid fever.
Plus, I love green!
Seimitsu LS-33, modded with LS-56 spring & octo-gate.
DB-15 connector.
Photoshop by my litte sister (who, let's be honest, is 10x better at it than me)arcade stick,mod

5 Jun 2009

New Arcade stick

Saulabi top
Originally uploaded by Kiki Daiso

Took me about 3 days, but it's finally ready.
Now to break in that rubber...

18 Apr 2009

Back to blogging

Originally uploaded by Kiki Daiso

Well, even though noone reads my blog, I'm gonna restart it with this.
This is Slinky. The dad found him abandoned up in the Wicklow mountains, and took pity on the poor little bugger.
So, he's living with us for now!
Of course, the mam is dead-set against it, but since she's home most of the time, I think this could work out.
We'll give him a trial for a week anyway before calling the animal shelters.

Things to note:
-He was STARVING, and has eaten 2 tins of dogfood in the last 6hrs.
-He's kinda afraid of loud noises, but otherwise is VERY friendly.
-He sheds hair like CRAZY.

Let's see if he can bounce back to form -- he's happily running around the garden already.
.. hey! No, Slinky! Not the tulips!

[*Kiki has run up the garden]

6 Feb 2009

Christ I'm a lazy bastard

Well, seeing as I have no job (or readers -- probably), I'm just gonna have to start blogging like crazy.

First up -- getting over blogger's anxiety (the feeling that someone is reading my thoughts -- and stalking me!).
Then talking about crap I like.

Then other stuff.
More stuff.