16 Feb 2008

My desk (Feb 2008)

My desk (Feb 2008), originally uploaded by Kiki Daiso.

And now to order an Apple Blackbook, since the poor old iBook can't actually play HQ anime.

Also, I should probably do something about all the LEGO since it's starting to clutter up... or maybe I can remove the alarm clock & fit more LEGO in... decisions, decisions...

15 Feb 2008

Happy Valentine's Hallmark Day

I've not kept up with trying to update this blog after all (though I can always blame a little paranoia that someone will actually read it), but here goes nothing.

Well, really, nothing. Or is it?
I think it's the sake speaking, really -- I went for a meal with Nana in Yamamori (the Japanese place), and really, how can I not have sake in a Japanese restaurant? Head's still spinning a little...
Anyway! Food was absolutely impeccable -- they really know how to present a dish!
Ordered a bento, which came in a lovely black box (must really look for one of those now!); Nana had a trio of side-dishes -- gyoza (came very hot), a really rather meaty aubergine dish & a broccoli salad (broccoli was a tad undercooked).
Finished off with ridiculously good deserts of banoffi & creme brulee & tea/coffee, bill came to just under €70 -- so, considering it's Dublin (and we stuffed ourselves!) that's not too bad.

Stuff to look forward to: getting a set of Logitech Z-2300s (THX power!), cooking, maybe get some shoes or something.

Stuff I'm not looking forward to: writing to Apple to demand why my 7-month old iPod 5.5G (30Gb) has had its headphone socket break -- in the exact same way as the 5G (30Gb) which it replaced!
Maddening -- I don't think I'll accept another iPod after this, so might look into getting a cart to turn my DS Lite into an mp3 player.
I don't know...

Also, my writing style has taken a definite nosedive since the last time I blogged. Will work on this, somehow.

Argh, Ergo Proxy time!

29 Jan 2008

JAB-K to return in Q1'08

Even though noone reads this blog (and rightly so -- it's crap!), my complete and utter boredom while waiting for a new build means I will now focus on bringing JAB-K (as I call it) to at least a half-way decent level.

Assuming I don't get bored & run off into the sunset, skipping. Again.

So yeah.