19 Mar 2007

Burny burny burny! (and Eastern European food...)

Nothing games-related with this stub -- I'm using a wart-removal fluid to get rid of this large wart I've had on my palm for what seems like forever.
Thing is, after scrubbing off the dead skin, I've now hit the almost-healthy skin beneath it (the one with the virus in it). So the fluid is touching that directly.
It is quite a nuisance, to tell you the truth. I can type (and it takes my mind off it), but any other movement just gives me this annoying stab of pain. Oh well; I suppose it could be worse. I could have multiple warts.
Oh wait. I do...

Anyway, 'twas a good St. Paddy's Day w/end. Even though Ireland lost the Six Nations (you fools!!), I still had fun; I went to the foodfest exhibition in the RDS, Dublin. It was quite eye-opening to find out how many different flavours Eastern Europe had to offer -- and quite cheaply too, I might add!
In fact, I gorged myself on plates of cheap (Lithuanian?) dumplings -- pork meatball, potato & fried dumplings (w/potato), all going for the equivalent of -- get this -- €0.60-1.20! Aya (the sushi bar) where there as well, with €1.20 plates of norimaki as well. I also found some crazy Lithuanian cheesecake bars -- very creamy (reminds me of quark), with a sweet dark-choc shell. €0.50. Man, if I can find them for sale, I will be ALL OVER THEM!
There was lots of other fun stuff, too; including some Lithuanian (are you starting to notice a trend here?) traditional fold dancers. I found their dances to be quite entertaining & energetic; except for the more waltz-y ones. Should've joined in, too; some of those girls were cute...

... o_O!! That'll do for now!

9 Mar 2007

Welcome to the blog

And let me introduce myself.
I'm Kiki. As the blog title states, I am, to all accounts, just another big kid, lost in this sea of bland conformity, etc etc etc *insert emo ranting*
Whoops, shouldn't get side-tracked like that!

So, I'm studying games design ATM, hoping to land a probably-not-very cushy job at some point in the next few years. However, I know that I have a lot to learn about design -- there are still too many games, great games, that I haven't touched (due to lack of money, usually). And of course, there are lots more flawed games which I haven't had the priviledge to play & examine yet, either.
And apart from testing both the high and low points of designs, I have lots more academia to ingest, and industry news to write about.

... hmm, that seemed like a rather long introduction to a humble blog! Hopefully though, my writing will improve over the next few years, becoming both longer, more digestible, and -- importantly -- more interesting!

And that's all for the first post. I'll have to start working on making this blog more readable; and maybe, find out about getting a proper .com address...

Until next time!