15 Feb 2008

Happy Valentine's Hallmark Day

I've not kept up with trying to update this blog after all (though I can always blame a little paranoia that someone will actually read it), but here goes nothing.

Well, really, nothing. Or is it?
I think it's the sake speaking, really -- I went for a meal with Nana in Yamamori (the Japanese place), and really, how can I not have sake in a Japanese restaurant? Head's still spinning a little...
Anyway! Food was absolutely impeccable -- they really know how to present a dish!
Ordered a bento, which came in a lovely black box (must really look for one of those now!); Nana had a trio of side-dishes -- gyoza (came very hot), a really rather meaty aubergine dish & a broccoli salad (broccoli was a tad undercooked).
Finished off with ridiculously good deserts of banoffi & creme brulee & tea/coffee, bill came to just under €70 -- so, considering it's Dublin (and we stuffed ourselves!) that's not too bad.

Stuff to look forward to: getting a set of Logitech Z-2300s (THX power!), cooking, maybe get some shoes or something.

Stuff I'm not looking forward to: writing to Apple to demand why my 7-month old iPod 5.5G (30Gb) has had its headphone socket break -- in the exact same way as the 5G (30Gb) which it replaced!
Maddening -- I don't think I'll accept another iPod after this, so might look into getting a cart to turn my DS Lite into an mp3 player.
I don't know...

Also, my writing style has taken a definite nosedive since the last time I blogged. Will work on this, somehow.

Argh, Ergo Proxy time!

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